Length: 34,00 km
Start / Finish: Štrbské Pleso, Hotel Crocus
Lowest point: 1 315 m a.s.l.
Highest point: 2 050 m a.s.l.
Total Ascent: 2 405 m.
Total Descent: 2 405 m.

2nd stage of GARMIN virtual challenge Tatry Running Tour "EXTREME" 2020. Highly demanding mountain track is usually the scene of popular trail race "Sky&Clouds Rin" The route leads from the starting point up along the asphalt road, passing apartment house Oliver until reaching crossroad "Pod Heliosom". It turns right here and continues along red market tourist path up to crossroad "Trigan" From there green marked tourist path goes up to the lake Popradské pleso. It continues along red marked path up to "Sedlo pod Ostrvou" (steep climb!) and follows up and down to crossroad "Pod Suchým vrchom", wher it turns right and continues along yellow tourist path and later narrow asphalt road to the bridge "Velický most". It turns left to green marked path to mountain chalet "Sliezsky dom" and than back following red marked path to the lake "Batizovské pleso", up to "Sedlo pod Ostrvou" and down to the lake Popradské pleso. From here the same way back to Štrbské Pleso to the starting point.

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