Length: 2,00 km
Start / Finish: Tatranská Štrba - Koliba Žerucha
Lowest point: 902 m a.s.l.
Highest point: 960 m a.s.l.
Total Ascent: 59 m.
Total Descent: 58 m.
track.surface: 80% asphalt, 20% gravel
track.marking: yellow marks

From the road to the road 1/18 to the right and then north along Lesná Street, the trail goes further to the right and to the Y crossing, 50 meters north along the sidewalk next to the church and the tennis court to Ul. Bellova, left and right after Štefániková to the road from Štrbské Pleso (Mountain). It continues through the main road along the narrow walkway and the stairs to the parking lot at Hotel Rysy. From the parking lot to the south along the gravel pavement, which connects to the paved sidewalk at the turn of the camp. At the intersection of Koliba Žerucha restaurant through the road and along the sidewalk to Koliba Žerucha.

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